Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great Crane Project

The Great Crane Project is an exciting aims to restore a healthy population of wild Common Cranes Grus grus to the UK. The Common Crane is the most widely distributed of the Crane species and was once fairly common in England. Hunting and changes to farming practices mean that today it is only a rare visitor. A pair of wild Cranes were found nesting in East Anglia in 2007. This was believed to be the first time that this had occurred for 400 years!

The Common Crane is found all over Europe in varying numbers. In Europe it is more commonly referred to as the Eurasian Crane. Within the UK the Crane was much more common hundreds of years ago and some English place names such as Cranbrook, Cranleigh and Cranfield bear testimony to this. In fact more English place names are named after the Common Crane than any other animal.

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