Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If The Law Is Wrong Then It Is Time To Change It

In one way it seems strange to be using the phrase "The Law Is An Ass" twice in one week but then it so often is.

Very sadly, and wrongly in my eyes the German courts has just turned down the appeal and have upheld the earlier courts decision on the conviction of Magdeburg Zoo Director Kai Perret and two senior staff for the euthanasia of two hybrid tiger cubs.

These cubs were found to be subspecific hybrids and so were of no use whatsoever to any properly managed breeding programme. The sensible and right decision was to euthanize them. A less responsible collection may have tried to sell or, heaven forbid 'donate' them to some second rate zoo which was more concerned with commercial exploitation of animals.

Euthanasia is NOT cruel or unkind. It is a proper and real conservation management decision and one upheld by and believed by GOOD zoos.

I can fully appreciate that in the case of the tiger cubs that the law may have been broken but as the action taken by the staff of the Magdeburg Zoo was the correct one then the law is wrong and should and must be changed. Cats and dogs are euthanized daily. Sheep, Pigs, Cattle and Chickens are slaughtered in their thousands and scarcely anyone bats an eye.

Here two tiger cubs are caringly and kindly put to sleep.

German animal rights activist Petr Neuman stated "Germany should do much more to protect its animals in captivity.” Well that is exactly what was being done here. Protecting a species for the future and not just for Germany but for the world.

The law is an ass.

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