Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elephant 'born' after death of mother

There follows an interesting series of photographs. I am always slightly skeptical of these things but they seem genuine enough and I have tried to place them in some semblance of order.

It would appear that an elephant on a railway bridge was hit by a train and either killed outright or during its decent to the wadi below.

Found to be dead, a digger was brought in to bury the unfortunate beast. In the process of burial it was noticed that she was pregant and so an emergency 'C' section was done.
A living calf was removed.

I do hope the little guy makes it.

I am not quite sure who to credit for these photos as they appear to have been passed on several times. I will then mention all names which have appeared:
Prof. Dr Jacob V. Cheeran, Dr Jay Kumar, Dr.T.K.Raman, Brigadier PTGangadharan, Skaria.C.D  and last but not least Wayne Jackson who forwarded them to me. Thank you all. I am sure many Zoo News Digest readers will find them interesting.


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  1. The third picture of the C-section looks surprisingly not bloody to me. Hard to believe that photo is real. And the following pics of the baby could be of ANY baby.

  2. Hi Sarah, As I said I was slightly skeptical. As to the calf though....look at the soles of its feet as it is lifted into the pickup. They are the feet of a newly born calf. Whether the calf and the the dead elephant are connected. Who knows?