Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let Auckland Have Their Elephants

 Elephas maximus indicus - Khao Kheow Open Zoo
Photo by: Jonas Livet

Today we have the State Forest Department in North Bengal calling for a change in the law so that they can capture sell and export elephants and at the same time we have a 'Herd of wildlife experts' protesting about Auckland zoos plans to acquire some.

I have never been to Auckland Zoo but I believe the given list reasons by these anti-zoo 'experts' as to why they should not hold them sounds very much a mix of grasping at straws and scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The elephants in Auckland zoo I am 100% sure would receive the very best of Elephant Care.

They are certainly going to get a lot better care than some elephants currently receive in many parts of Asia. Why don't this group of 20 people spend their energy on improving conditions in the elephant camps and promote elephant contraception. There really is going to be an elephant sized problem in Asia in just a few years. Elephants are breeding well there. They are not always kept well. They WOULD be kept well in Auckland.
It is not just wild elephants in North Bengal. Every elephant camp in Thailand, and there are lots of them, are breeding animals regularly. Unless something is done fairly soon the alternative solution for Asian Elephants does not bear thinking about.

No trunk call: Herd of wildlife experts scorns Auckland's elephant park

Legalise jumbo sale: Forest - Govt wants changes in wildlife act to tackle growing elephant population

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'No Mirrors Involved'
Snow Leopards
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