Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiger Paste For Sale

Panthera tigris - Laos Zoo
Photo by: Jonas Livet

It is scarcely credible that just days after the World Tiger Summit that Vietnam is allowing the auction of Tiger Paste. Tiger Paste? You have probably never heard of it and you really don't want an explanation as to how it is manufactured.

Regardless, 'Tiger Paste' is a popular product in some quarters and is sold for as much as $10,000 for a kilogram. The Vietnamese paste was that which had quite rightly been confiscated from dealers in animal products. It should then have been destroyed and not destined for auction on the open market.

Very stupidly Thanh Hoa Province People's Committee permitted agencies to auction 2.8 Kilograms of Tiger Paste at the starting price of $2,500 per Kilo.

Sadly this auction is not illegal. Though the sale of tiger parts is illegal in Vietnam the law does allow dealing for health purposes (similar to Tiger Bone Wine in China). This loophole in the law needs to be stitched tightly closed and quickly. It would not take much thought from an evil genius to take full advantage of this idiocy and have a ready market.

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'No Mirrors Involved'
Snow Leopards
Photo supplied by Peter Litherland of the


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