Friday, December 31, 2010

Zoo News Digest 29th - 31st December 2010 (Zoo News 714)

Zoo News Digest 29th - 31st December 2010 (Zoo News 714)

Dear Colleagues,

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year for tomorrow and hoping that your New Years Eve is memorable. My thanks to everyone who has supported Zoo News Digest over the past and previous years. I am truly grateful.

Made any resolutions? I have. Tighten my belt and work harder though heaven knows where I will find the hours. I will have to lose a bit of weight too. I am inspired by the success of Susie Boardman, the director of Twycross Zoo, who lost five stone in five months! I never ever thought of Susie as overweight, mind you it is about two years since I last saw her.

That Chiang Mai Zoo is going to ask China to let them keep their Panda Cub a while longer does not surprise me. They have done very well out of it and are likely to for a while longer. No, what does surprise me is the statemement "Chiang Mai Zoo has been trying to separate Lhinping from her mother Lin Hui so officials can examine the cub"... what? That little Pandaling is always out and about away from its mother. It was even dressed as Santa at Christmas. Obviously another case of the press making an incorrect interpretation of what was actually said.

I don't believe that the rising deer population should be a headache for Delhi Zoo. Credit to them for the success. The obvious and practical management solution is to cull some of the animals out over the next few months. There will be less animals to feed and the meat could be used to feed the carnivores. They would save money from two directions. Quality of life for the remaining animals would improve and the carnivores lives would be enriched until they returned to normal rations.

The elephant birth in Rostov-on-Don is great news. Nice bit of video footage there too. Do take a look.

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Tyre tunnel home being built for Durrell bats in Jersey
Fruit bats from Jersey are half-way towards getting a new home, the island's zoo says.
A new tunnel is being built for them to live in at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust using about 800 locally-sourced used tyres.
About 400 staff from HSBC are involved in the work and have finished the first stage of the project, the trust said.
Deputy head of mammals Dominic Wormell said the new habitat would be more energy-efficient when completed.
The project - expected to take four weeks - involves upgrading the current tunnel that houses the Livingstone's fruit bat.
The tyres are being be filled with earth and used to create the exterior wall of the new tunnel, the trust said.
The tunnel would provide the perfect environmental conditions for the tropical Livingstone's fruit bat, it added.
There are believed

Man sues Bakersfield museum after raccoon attack
A man is suing a Bakersfield zoo and museum for negligence after he was attacked by an escaped raccoon from one of its live exhibits.
The Bakersfield Californian reports that 31-year-old Ian Smith is seeking more than $25,000 from the California Living Museum for lost wages and medical expenses. He also claims his 9-year-old daughter suffered personal pain and injuries after witnessing the Jan. 31 attack.
Smith, a trained kickboxer, reportedly fought off the

Artist’s work adds to the zoo experience
Thousands of visitors to the Phillips Park Zoo have enjoyed the reptile house and bald eagle exhibits over the last five years. But they might not have consciously noticed the large, scenic murals that unobtrusively depict the animals’ natural habitats.
The man behind the murals at the zoo is 41-year-old Chris Mascarella.
Mascarella, of Crystal Lake, has worked for the city’s parks and maintenance departments since 1993. During the summers, he works at the city’s Fox Valley Golf Course in North Aurora. In the winters, he plows snow and does other maintenance work.
His artwork was most recently on display at the Phillips Park Visitors Center during Santa’s chats with children before Christmas. Dan Anderson, director of parks and recreation, wanted to enhance Santa’s corner by placing plywood over the windows behind Santa’s chair so families who brought along their cameras didn’t end up with glass glare in their keepsake photos. He asked Chris to paint a winter display, but left the rest to the artist.
The result was a whimsical winter scene, painted as a double

Sacramento Zoo's Reptile House Evacuated
The reptile house at the Sacramento Zoo was evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a heating and air-conditioning unit malfunctioned and caused smoke, zoo officials said.
Visitors were told to leave the area.
The reptile house will remain closed for the rest of the day.
The zoo said all residents inside the reptile house seem to be fine and that they're being checked

PCMC to check feasibility of zoo outsourcing
The Pimpri Chinchwad municipal corporation will look into the feasibility of outsourcing the running of the Bahinabai Chaudhary zoo, before implementing a resolution approved by the standing committee in this regard.
Speaking to TOI on Tuesday, Prakash Kadam, additional commissioner, said, "The standing committee resolution approving outsourcing of the work of running and maintenance of the zoo was tabled by an elected member and not the civic administration."
He said, "The administration will have to check whether it is more profitable and proper for the PCMC to outsource this work than run the zoo on its own. Also, if it is found to be profitable then we need to take a decision on whether or not to invite bids for the contract to outsource the work."
A short notice resolution was approved by the standing committee last week to outsource the running of the Bahinabai Chaudhary zoo to the Indian Herpetological Society (IHS). The resolution states that the Union government has recommended the creation of four posts of director and biologist and the IHS has the experience of operating the zoo in Pune. The IHS will hire people for these posts and run the zoo.
"It is profitable for the PCMC to outsource the work. The

Trees come between grand zoo plan
A biodiversity report on the Byculla Gardens has said that the zone has more plant species than estimated, making it imperative that the 47-acre green lung be preserved as it is. The study commissioned by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and municipal heritage committee said that the BMC’s plans for the Rs600-crore ‘international zoo’ at the site will destroy the park’s biodiversity apart from damaging animal and plant habitat created in it over the last 150 years.
The report by botanist Marselin Almeida said that the park, originally laid out in 1861 as a botanical garden, has 276 species of trees — 50 more than earlier estimated. The report, which used GPS indicators for the first time to establish the exact location of trees, also counted the park’s plant species for the first time and said there were 843 plant types, including tree species, from 149 botanical families.
Apart from the addition of animal enclosures and more plant species, little has changed at the park over the last 150 years. But in 2007, the BMC announced plans to redevelop the park by creating

Zoo staffer wins Lifetime Achievement Award
If ever an opportunity arises to visit the “bowels” of the zoo, take advantage of it. And when we say bowels, we mean it! It is there you will find Mr. Jimmy Bucsit flipping, and forking, and hauling, and hosing, and performing all kinds of other duties required to keep those famous piles of poop percolating in the Zoo Doo yard. It is for that work—25 dedicated years of it—that Jimmy was honored this month with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the

Concrete jungle: Department store's zoo sparks controversy
A few staff members cast suspicious looks at me as my video camera rolled. One asked why I was filming.
I wasn't in army-ruled Myanmar or communist North Korea. I was visiting a zoo –in Bangkok – and the employees were monitoring me closely.
"One of our zookeepers even has a picture of the gorilla in his wallet, instead of his wife," the staff member said. "You see, we really love our animals."
But it's a tough love out here at Pata Zoo, a concrete jungle on the top two floors of a department store on a busy road in Bangkok.
Solitary penguin
About 200 species – a gorilla, a penguin, bears, tigers, leopards, sheep, flamingos, pythons, and nocturnal animals – are crammed into cages and pens that are too small or otherwise inadequate for them. The two floors of the zoo are each about the size of a soccer field.
The zoo's superstar, a 20-year-old female gorilla, lives in a 10x15-yard concrete pen. "Bua Noi," as she is called, sat gripping the iron bars of her dim

Read My Articles on this place:

53 animal parks ordered to stop abuse
The State Forestry Administration (SFA) has ordered 53 wildlife parks and zoos that stage animal shows to improve their management after inspections found animals' welfare had not been well protected.
The administration also nullified the certifications of seven other parks and zoos that violated laws.
The measures came after a nationwide inspection revealed commercial performances have led to animals' frequent abuse and exploitation.
The central government has sent six teams to monitor and evaluate 500 wildlife parks and zoos nationwide since October.
The inspections found poor management and illegal activities in some zoos and wildlife parks were increasingly causing rare species' deaths. There were also incidents in which animals injured visitors, SFA department of wildlife conservation and nature reserve management director Zhang Xiwu was quoted by Xinhua News Agency as saying.
Some zoos were found unable to provide animals' basic care because of their insufficient profits and others were found to be engaged in illegal wildlife product sales, Zhang told a meeting in Guangzhou on Monday.
"Both the security of endangered species and the safety of the public are threatened by improper management," SFA deputy head Yin Hong told Xinhua.
An estimated 700 public zoos, wildlife parks and circuses organize animal performances, which attract about 150 million visitors a year.
International Fund for Animal Welfare Beijing office campaign manager Hua Ning told China Daily she viewed the restrictions on animal performances as a positive step toward animal rights protection.
"I believe many Chinese would be unhappy if they knew the baby tigers they hold in their arms for photos (in some zoos) have had their canine teeth pulled out," Hua said.
"The government needs to help zoos and aquariums

Upkeep of zoo in Pune to be outsourced
The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is planning to outsource maintenance of the Bahinabai Choudhary zoo to a private player at a cost of Rs20 lakh per year, and the standing committee recently gave its clearance for the proposal.
According to sources, the PCMC will offer a hike of 10% per year for five years in the amount to be paid to the private party.
According to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), the posts of curator, veterinarian, biologist and compounder need to be filled up, but the PCMC plans to outsource

Rising deer population a headache for Delhi Zoo
Officials at the Delhi Zoo are racking their brains trying to find housing for its burgeoning deer population as they are running out of enclosures to accommodate them.
The Delhi zoo has 11 species and sub-species of antelopes and deer, of which three varieties -- Black bucks, Sambar and Hog deer -- are over-populated, according to officials.
'We have about 130 black bucks, 70 Sambar deer and over 50 Hog deer,' an official said.
Few endangered groups like Sangai, Chinkara and Chowchinga are also present.
According to zoo officials, various steps are being taken to control the expanding deer population.
'As the deer are prolific breeders, we plan to discourage breeding in other varieties except the endangered species,' the official said.
However, the zoo authorities said they face a lot of challenges in controlling the deer population.
'For example, the black buck antelope

'Underage' elephant gives birth to calf at south Russian zoo
An underage elephant has given birth to a 70-kilogram (154 pound) calf at a zoo in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, a zoo official said on Wednesday.
The elephant cow named Sinta is one of three elephants who arrived to Russia from Berlin last year in an exchange by the Russian zoo for a polar bear. The elephants, two bulls and the cow, are around six years old.
Elephants are generally considered fully grown at the age of 10-12. They usually live to 60 or 70 years of age.
"The birth of the baby elephant came as a complete surprise for us: although the Germans warned us that Sinta could have been pregnant, we didn't have our hopes up because she is still underage...However

See Video -

Vet loses five stone as part of big changes at the zoo
A vet who has become the public face of Twycross Zoo has undergone her own transformation to coincide with the big changes that have taken place there.
During the past five years Twycross has had new animal enclosures built and improved visitor facilities created as part of a modern new look.
As the changes took effect zoo director Dr Susie Boardman found herself more and more in the public eye. Because of that, the high-powered wildlife vet and founder of the Wildlife Information Network, conservation charity decided she needed a new look – so went on a crash diet.
She managed to lose five stone in five months, converting her size 18 dress size to size eight and re-energising

Zoo plans home for new bull elephant
DUBLIN Zoo is planning an elaborate home for a new addition, due to arrive in the middle of next year.
A bull elephant is being introduced to the herd as part of the zoo's international breeding programme.
Now the search is on to find someone to build a single-storey bull elephant house with keepers' access for the latest addition.
The new elephant house in the Kaziranga Forest Trail section of the zoo will have an 11-metre wall lined with insulated panels. It will be divided into animal and keeper

Singapore Zoo breeds more giant river terrapins
THE Singapore Zoo has successfully bred four giant river terrapins. These terrapins are native to Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Sumatra, with more expected to join the family of eight in the months to come.
Both female terrapins at the zoo were recently found to be with eggs, due to be laid at any time.
X-ray examinations on Dec 13, 2010 revealed that they were carrying over 40 eggs between them. The incubation period for these rare and elusive terrapins ranges from 68 to 112 days.
Giant river terrapins lay their eggs only once a year and the Singapore Zoo has successfully had four hatchlings to date in 2007 and 2009 - two of which are now on display at the Proboscis Monkey pool, while the others are in the turtle hatchery facility.
The park is currently home to the two adult females, two adult males and the four hatchlings.
Considered an extremely rare species, this breed, also

Talks to extend panda cub's stay
China is being asked to allow the giant panda cub Lhinping, a celebrity at Chiang Mai Zoo, to stay in Thailand for two more years.
Zoological Park Organisation chief Sophon Damnui said on Thursday that his agency and the Natural Resources and Environment Minister Suwit Khunkitti have been working to extend the contract signed with China to keep Lhinping at Chiang Mai Zoo for another two years.
There are only a few months left before the cub is sent to China under the existing contract.
The cub was born on May 27 last year to Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang, two giant pandas on a 10-year loan from China since 2003.
The minister had visited Beijing twice for talks on extending the cub's stay with China’s deputy forestry minister, Mr Sophon said. The topic of a panda research centre in Chiang Mai was also discussed.
He said China would send representatives to inspect the living conditions of the giant pandas and their baby in Thailand. The delegation is scheduled to visit Chiang Mai Zoo between Jan 8 and 14.
Thai authorities would discuss the proposed extension of the cub's stay during the Chinese representatives’ visit, said Mr Sophon.
Chiang Mai Zoo has been trying to separate Lhinping from her mother Lin Hui so officials can examine the cub. Normally, separating a panda cub from its mother is done when the cub is one year old.

Locusts threaten bamboo supplies
Locusts are threatening the bamboo supply at the Halls Gap Zoo, forcing owners Greg and Yvonne Cullel to call on the public for assistance.
The arrival of the first red panda at the Halls Gap Zoo was welcomed by Greg and Yvonne, but they now have concerns with the impact the locusts are having on their bamboo supplies.
Red pandas are smaller than China's black and white pandas, growing to just over one metre in length with rusty red fur, a striped tail and white and red facial fur.
Like the Giant Panda, it cannot digest cellulose so it must consume a large volume of bamboo. Its diet consists of about two thirds bamboo, but they also eat berries, fruit, mushrooms, roots and grasses.
Greg and Yvonne have a bamboo plantation at the zoo, but with the arrival of the locusts who are destroying the supplies, they are searching for supplementary supplies.
Anyone in the region who may be growing bamboo in their yard is being asked to assist by making a donation. Greg will make himself available to attend and harvest the bamboo stalks, leaving the roots to ensure the plant continues to thrive.
"We will only take what we need and leave the roots there so the bamboo will grow back," Greg said.
"The locusts have been causing us big problems



2011 Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance
“Miles Above… and Beyond! Elevating Behavior Management”
Join us in Denver, CO, the Mile High City April 17 – 22, 2011
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With the 2011 ABMA conference approaching rapidly, we are now seeking submissions for the paper and poster sessions. If you have a behavior management accomplishment, an intriguing case study, a research project, or innovation for the field, especially one that resonates with the theme of the conference, please come share it with your colleagues! Now is the time to put together an abstract and submit it!
Regular submission deadline: January 15th, 2011.
Travel Scholarship deadline: January 1st, 2011.

Conference Details and Teasers:

· Keynote Speaker: Jill Mellen, PhD. Education and Science Director, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

· Workshops: Team Communication, Training Evaluation, Goal Based Enrichment, TAG Teach

· Site Visits: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Downtown Aquarium Denver, and Earth Day at Denver Zoo

· Preconference Trip: Rescue demonstration in the Rocky Mountains with Avalanche Deployment Unit search and rescue dogs

· Conference Hotel: the JW Marriott in Denver’s hip and pedestrian friendly Cherry Creek North neighborhood (book your rooms now!)

· CEU credits available through CCPDT and IAABC

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