Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Punch A Tiger On The Head, Pull Its Tail!

"As for pulling the tail and punching tigers on the head, these are ways to make a tiger obey," "It is similar to training dogs or elephants. Some physical pain is needed to discipline them for pictures." - Athithat Srimanee (Manager of The Tiger Temple Foundation)

July 2010, Sairung has had what will probably be her approximate 32nd litter of cubs.
Occassionally he still snaps at the Abbot, just to be abused back into submission - urine squirting, tiger balm rubbed into eyes, punched, screamed at, kicked, beaten.....

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Yes, okay it is the evil Tiger Temple again but no apologies for the repetition. This place continues its ways and plans expansion. The appeal by the 39 member organisations of the International Tiger Coalition was virtually ignored. My personal appeals to the zoo world to post warnings on Tiger exhibits to prospective Thailand tourists not to visit the tiger temple appears to have fallen on deaf ears....mores the pity. Some even promote a Temple connection.

You can read more about the Tiger Temple below. Plus links.

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