Wednesday, August 25, 2010

International Vulture Awareness Day

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO PARTICIPATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year I went on and on about the International Vulture Awareness campaign. I would like to think I contributed in a small way to the number of participants taking place. The plight of wild vultures is still not fully recognised by people. They need to know. All zoos are meant to educate. Any zoo which keeps vultures/condors is duty bound to take part in making their visitors aware. Vulture Awareness Day is just a couple of weeks away. Please take part this year....IT IS NOT GOING TO COST YOU ANYTHING..... please click on the link HERE. Then click on a name in the list and see what others are doing. Please sign up now, on line and do your part. If you are a good zoo, you will. So far this year there are only 50 participants!!!!!!! (and that includes me) Which is considerably less than last year. Very few zoos on board which I think is very sad. You don't even have to have vultures....but you can make people aware. Look at what the Phoenix Zoo is doing. Check out Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, etc etc
So easy, just five minutes of your time:
1.Click on link
2.Click on a few internal links and see what others are doing.
3.Decide what you are going to do
4.Sign up. Remember it is free.
5.Participate on September 4th and/or on other days at your convenience.
Good luck.

As of the 25th August. The list below show the whole worlds participants in this very important campaign. Is your zoo listed there? If not, why not? I mean really Why Not? If you have vultures or condors then it should be. It must be. Where are the holders, the breeders?

Organisations participating in 2010

Banham Zoo Ltd, United Kingdom

Bedford Audubon Society, United States

Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal

BirdLife South Africa, South Africa

Birds of Pray Protection Society, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Association for Conservation of Birds of Prey, Bulgaria

Burren Birds Of Prey Centre, Ireland

Cape Falconry Club, South Africa

Cascades Raptor Center, United States

Center for Birds of Prey, United States

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, United States

Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

Daily News Media Group, Tanzania: United Republic of

East Coast Vulture Festival, United States

Falconry Uk Ltd, United Kingdom

FWFF-Macedonia, Macedonia: the former Yugoslav Republic of

georgian falconry union, Georgia

Ghana Wildlife Society, Ghana

Hawk Conservancy Trust, United Kingdom

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, United States

Hawkins Falconry, United Kingdom

Himalayan Raptor Rescue, Nepal

Indonesia Raptor Research and Conservation Network(RAIN), Indonesia

International Association for Falconry, Belgium

Israel Nature & Parks Authority, Israel


Natal falconry Club, South Africa

NICE People - Rajkot, India

Northwest hawking Club (SAFA AFFILIATE), South Africa

Phoenix Zoo, United States

ProNamib Nature Conservancy.,

Raptor Education Foundation, United States

Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, Inc., United States

Reid Park Zoo, United States

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, United States

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, United Kingdom

Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, Belgium

S.R. Environment Development Society (SREDS), Bangladesh

Seneca Park Zoo, United States

South African Falconry Association, South Africa

Thai Raptor Group, Thailand

Tiger Initiative Group for Earth Revival (T.I.G.E.R.), India

TreeHouse Wildlife Center, United States

Vercors-tv, France

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, United States

Vulture Conservation Foundation /VCF, Spain


Wetheriggs Animal Rescue & Conservation Centre, United Kingdom

Wildlife Associates, United States

Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Tanzania: United Republic of

World Bird Sanctuary, United States

Zoo News Digest, Thailand

Go to the International Vulture Awareness Website Now

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