Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on the Tiger Temple

Following on from the news yesterday granting zoo status to the Thailand Tiger Temple I have spent the day reviewing, re-reading a mass of literature (both positive and negative) surrounding this place. I have been 'Templed out' many a time in my travels but today I am 'Tiger Templed out'. I have read so much. Although I already was against the place from things I had read over the years I tried to enter into my research like a virgin, with a free and open mind. I have ended the day just as convinced that this place is bad news. It is doing nothing apart from making big bucks for a few rich cats (not tigers). It is doing nothing at all for conservation. It is an accident waiting to happen.
You can read the results of my report by visiting:
The Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi Thailand

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  1. I visited an elephant camp last year with work and the tiger temple came up noe night in conversation. The word was it is bad news, the cats are drugged and stories of monks with flat screen tv's and expensive tastes abounded.Obviously this is hersay but these people are in the know.Some people who came through the camp whilst i was there gave a pretty negative report as well(again they were zoo personnel and i guess more knowledgable)As Peter says it is an accident waiting to happen its only a matter of time till someone gets mauled which of course will be bad news for the tiger. My advice avoid it it is blatant exploitation