Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tiger Temple - Another Opinion

Tiger Temple Interview: Dr Somchai

David does the Tiger Temple…

I could start this post off with something all dramatic like, ‘Temple Tiger Eats East End Expat!’.

But I’m lazy. And lying is such a bother. So this is what you get instead…

When the Tiger Temple appeared in the news this week, I wrote: Thailand’s Tiger Temple Sues Conservationists.

The court case also prompted me to gather materials from a visit my buddy David made last November.

On David’s first trip to Thailand he stopped by the floating market, celebrated the Loi Krathong festival, and grinned through Bangkok’s fertility shrine (Chao Mae Tuptim). But David’s main objective was to play with tigers.

Yes, I did fill David in on a Tiger Temple thing or two. But like me, he hasn’t spent his life being dissuaded by others. He wants his experiences (within reason) firsthand.

So a few phone calls and a Khun Pissout later, David drove to Kanchanaburi

Read extensive interview

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