Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiger Temple Plans Expansion

Recent political problems in Thailand have resulted in a financial loss for the infamous Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi. Less gullible tourists being drawn in believing they playing a part in some quasi religious/conservation experience means less money for the shadowy exploiters who lurk behind the concept.

Even before the lack of visitors became a problem there were plans to expand. Some may attribute change to improvement whereas here it is, in reality, a move to yet further commercial exploitation. Dress anything up in colourful 'conservation' lights and people are taken in.

The Tiger Temple is a cruel and exploitative venture. It makes money hand over fist by taking advantage of tigers and lying to visitors.

There are three Facebook groups which are dedicated to keeping the public aware of what is going on and spreading the message.

David Hargreaves of Tiger Temple Truths states today:

"Tiger Temple Truths has discovered from a source inside the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, that a second 'branch' of the Tiger Temple is to open in Pattaya, Thailand, in the first half of 2011.

Mr Gonzales working within the Tiger Temple informed one of Tiger Temple Truth's undercover volunteers who recently left the Tiger Temple, that the new branch was being opened due to falling visitor numbers at the currrent location.

By opening a branch in Pattaya - a town which attracts numerous tourists - the aim is to increase revenue, and eventually have 100 tiger cubs, ready and waiting to have their photos taken with exploitative tourists."
The background of Mr Gonzales is a bit of a mystery but many report him to be a very unpleasant character.
Sybelle Foxcroft from the Facebook Group Behind The Cloak Of Buddha is always a useful source of information. She reports recently of a Tigress 'Sangtewan' which is just going into her 46th pregnancy! This is horrific. Pure exploitation and cruel with it. It demonstrates not just a lack of understanding of animal welfare but a complete and utter disregard for it. Sybelle has also reported that two further facilities are planned called 'Tiger World' and 'Tiger Paradise'.
Be assured that these will be more akin to a tiger hell than a paradise and unless we can spread the word and get action then hell will be on earth.
Then there is Ban The Tiger Temple. Please take a look there too because it has a lot of up to date information.
From a personal point of view I have been drawing attention to this evil place with my hub:
which I wrote back in August 2009 prior to the arrival of any of the Facebook sites. I am delighted that it has been read by so many. Whereas some of the comments I have recieved have been quite heart warming, others have been very threatening. I know that others have been threatened to.

More recently I have been trying to get the world zoo community aboard through postings on Zoo News Digest. I have requested that every zoo (reputable zoo, that is) have a small sign on their Tiger enclosures warning people not to visit the Tiger Temple.

So far I have not learned of a single zoo, anywhere, which has taken up the suggestio and now it looks like now that the list of places which should not be visited may well have to be expanded.

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  1. Brilliant idea to provide all the groups and it is very sad indeed that no zoo has taken up the suggestion of the signage.
    I am always really happy to hear of more people resisting the urge to go and see the infamous tiger temple. Along with more people spreading the word about how bad it is. I think we are getting the message across, albeit slowly.