Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liger Birth in Taiwan

(Playing with Ligers is not a good idea)

Previously commented on in Zoo News 682 but the video has appeared since then. It is sad that some zoos allow such 'accidents' to occur. They claim to be unaware that the cat was pregnant. Did they not see or hear them mating? It is hardly a quiet affair. Perhaps they didn't....because there does not appear to be any denning facilities in the video footage. Then of course they had to pull for hand rearing (no they did not). With all the publicity this collection is getting they are going to make money hand over fist for doing what is wrong and saying it is wrong.

It is not clever or amazing. Ligers, Tigons and their ilk are not that unusual in zoos which neither understand nor care about conservation.

I truly believe the cubs should be quietly be put to sleep. Euthanasia is a management tool. It is painless, quick and the realistic sensible decision to make in such situations. I am saying it because others are not...though I know many are thinking it. It is true that the cubs did not ask to be born, that it is not their fault but no-one is going to hurt them. They should be euthanased like thousands of domestic cats and dogs are the world over.

It is wrong that this zoo should profit from poor management.

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