Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tigers, Lions and Bears abandoned - Cordoba Zoo to the Rescue

Stories of circuses abandoning their animals are not that unusual and I must have come across a dozen in as many years. Personally I find it an absolutely despicable act and believe the book should be thrown at them. It is usually zoos which come to the rescue. I don't recall it ever being the other way round. I recollect Mary Chipperfields lot abandoning a number of Lions in Sharjah back in the late 70's. Some people just do not give a damn. Come to think of it I also remember a number of elephants being left without food or water at the side of the road in Colwyn Bay back in the 80's. Again the zoo which came to the aid. Commercial exploitation of animals without giving MORE back is simply wrong.

Bell Ville: because of problems between partners, a circus left 12 tigers, three lions and two bears

Following a series of problems between the members of society, an international circus that recently made their presentations in Bell Ville, left abandoned in this town 12 tigers, three lions and two bears, which is temporarily under the care Association Humane Lorenzo Moroni.

As for the latter institution is unable to feed and care for large-sized mammals, the official business began trying to locate them in zoos in other parts of the country.

 "After the last performance in Australian Circus Bell Ville, one of the owners of the firm contacted us to say that the company was divided and he wanted to surrender the animals," explained Mary MORNING Pita, President of the Local Protective Association.

A total of 12 tigers, three lions and two bears were housed in Bell Ville in a series of cages, well fed, but in precarious maintenance.

Pita explained that the primary intention of the person who left was to "give away, deliver, donate them or whatever. Not want to work more with animals, since it is increasingly difficult to find places to let them join the circus. "

The cages were in an area located on the edge of town along Provincial Route 3, headed by a man who gives them something to eat every day.

"I told these people of the circus that we do what we can to help. They say that the animals were inoos in Animals, supposedly a national unit. We believe that this same body is to decide where to go to the circus animals decide to leave, "he said.

The Association approached the farm to check the status of animals and were able to determine at first instance are fed.

"The bears are herbivores, so they buy vegetables and fruits and make them polenta.  In the cats are used 40 kilograms of meat per day, which is a considerable expense, "he said Pita.

Humane Association contacted the Ministry of Environment of Cordoba and is awaiting a decision of the agency or the National Fish and Wildlife to determine where to take the animals. Meanwhile, the tigers, lions and bears await their final destination impatient.
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Owner wants to sell circus animals
After it became known that from the Córdoba Zoo will be responsible for two tigers, a lion and a chimpanzee, and that nation tries to relocate them to other establishments in the country, one of the owners said he will not give away anything.

Officials of the Municipality of Cordoba confirmed that some of the animals that were abandoned by the Cirque de Bell Ville, will be received by the Córdoba Zoo. A lion, a chimpanzee and two tigers, of all animals, will be transferred to our city, as confirmed Oscar de Allende, director of Natural Resources and Fernando Camara.

However, Allende said in The Morning Digital, one of the three owners of the circus, a woman of 78 years, is now made back on the delivery of the animals, and prefer to do business with them.

The above was translated from using Google translate.

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