Thursday, June 3, 2010

Siam Ocean World Reopens

Siam Ocean World was right in the centre of the recent political unrest and riots in Bangkok. In spite of the fires, destruction, shooting and no possible visitors the marine collection came to no harm.

Back up generators and dedication of staff ensured that everything 'ticked over'.

To celebrate the reopening Siam Ocean World is staging a show entitled 'Mythical Creatures from the Depths of Thai Legends' which will be worthy addition to the already interesting collection.

I have made three visits to this beautiful aquarium in the centre of Bangkok. The first was as a guest of one of the staff, the second was as a paying visitor. On my last visit, a little under a year ago, I turned away at the door. It really was too expensive for me, and I daresay a good proportion of tourists to Thailand. It is happy then that Thai nationals are able to visit at a reduced price.

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