Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tiger Attacks And Injures Child

Tiger Attack

Any Zoo which allows visitors to interact with large cats is an accident waiting to happen. It is inevitable that one day that Tiger, Lion, Jaguar or whatever will act 'entirely out of character' and attack and injure someone.

Yesterday a ten month old Tiger broke free from its handlers in Taman Safari in East Java, Indonesia. The animal headed directly towards and an attacked and seriously injured a three year old child. Efforts by the parents failed to rescue her but happily one of the handlers was able to pull the Tiger off. The injured victim was rushed to hospital and treated for injuries to chest and head. Taman Safari is footing the bill.

Tiger handling and posing for photographs with Tigers and other large cats is totally unnecessary. It is purely commercial exploitation of animals which should be maintained properly with their own kind.....not with people!

Accidents are eventually inevitable!

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