Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dramatic Rescue Of An Elephant At Sea

The video below shows the rescue of an elephant at sea. This unfortunate animal had apparently had a bit of a rough life. A body scarred with gunshot scars laid testament to the fact that he was always getting into trouble for eating in the wrong place. His big mistake was to raid the garden of a VIP who then decided that enough.

He was tranquilised, fitted with a radio collar and relocated and released in the Maduru Oya National Park in Sri Lanka some 126 Km from his home. The radio collar was faulty but did give some scant details as to his whereabouts, even when he set out on his marine adventure. It is likely that 'Brigadier', as he was so named would have met a sorry end if it were not for the intervention of the navy and their extremely praiseworthy rescue.

Whether he thought that he would swim home we will never know. Seemingly none the worse for wear following the three hour rescue he started feeding as soon as he reached the shore jungle.

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