Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad Blow For Gorillas at London Zoo

R.I.P. 'Yeboah'

'Yeboah' the 12 year old stud Western Lowland Gorilla sadly passed away in Regent's Park Zoo on Thursday 25th March 2010.

This is a tremendous blow, not only for the staff, the zoo, the breeding programme but also for the three female gorillas, 'Zaire', 'Effie' and 'Mjukuu' who are once again left without a male. Their previous silverback male 'Bobby' died back in December 2008.


German born 'Yeboah' arrived from Zoo de la Boissière du Doré in western France to London Zoo in the latter part of 2009 and very quickly settled into the gorilla group.

It is always a tragedy to lose an animal but to lose one as important as this so soon after his arrival has made the blow more difficult to bear. My condolences to all the staff.

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