Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the zoo will have dinosaurs too!

And the zoo will have dinosaurs too!

Hanoi is to officially open its first Safari Park in two days time on March the 27th.  The timing of the opening is to coincide with the 1000th Anniversary of the City. The construction of the Bao Son Paradise Park was started back in 2005 and has cost an estimated ninety million US dollars to build. The overall Park complex has been opening in stages over the past couple of years.

As well as the zoo there is an Ocean World where it is planned to house "more than 2,000 species of fish from different continents, including sharks, sea-calves and skates alongside various types of euphorbia" (What are sea calves I wonder?). There is also expected to be dolphin and 'seal' shows.  It has been stated that the zoo will:

"The zoo will put on display many rare animals of Africa such as white lions, white and yellow tigers, hyenas, pumas, dinosaurs and giraffes. The park also imports different kinds of birds, parrots and reptiles to entertain the visitors."


"has also received a number of rare species of monkey and bird that are listed in the Red Book, as gifts from the Wild Animal Rescue Centre No. 1."

I do hope that this new venture will be a success, especially as I have a particular dislike of many (not all) Asian commercial animal collections. I fear I won't due to the inclusion of White Lions and White Tigers.  Hanoi is a wonderful city and the countryside around is quite stunning in places. In fact some of the most beautiful countryside I have seen anywhere, ever, is just a couple of hours drive from Hanoi. The Hanoi Zoo however is amongst the worst I have ever visited. In fairness though I heard it has improved since my visits.

The Bao Son Paradise Park is much more than a zoo and has a craft village along with demonstrations of skills such as weaving and basket making. There is traditional and Western cooking too with a variety of foods served out of more than 30 outlets. A huge cinema, fairground, swimming pool and more.

Over 500 species of Orchid are expected to be on display.

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