Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cathay Pacific is Promoting the Tiger Temple

Just because an activity or a place is popular does not make it right. Bull fighting is popular in Spain, Cock Fighting is popular in the Philippines and the Tiger Temple is popular in Thailand. Cathay Pacific have started to just started to promote visits to the Tiger Temple in a package which includes visits to River Kwai. One wonders why such a reputable airline should not have checked out the facts first. Even the 'Lonely Planet' tour guide advises against visitin the tiger temple.

The advertising blurp in the Sri Lankan Times ( makes the following statements:

Tigers roam where monks reside

Here the huge Bengal tigers breed, feed and even roam with human beings. Since its opening in 1994, Wat Pa Luangta Bua has gained a reputation as a wildlife sanctuary. It started with an injured jungle fowl being given to the monks by the villagers. Attracted by the calls of the by then rather large colony of jungle fowl, Peacocks too flocked to the area. An injured wild boar stumbled into the monastery and the monks cared for it until it could be released back into the forest.

With whom has it got a reputation as a wildlife sanctuary?

"Peacocks flocked to the area"...they flew from India I assume? Unless they mean Green Peafowl and I hardly think they flocked in from anywhere.

is believed to be home to the largest surviving tiger population in the region

Rubbish. Take a look at Sri Racha Tiger Zoo.... a collection with whom it has dealings.

It was an injured tiger that paved the way for this world's first tiger temple, way back in 1994. The tiger had made it to the nearby temple where the priests nursed its injuries and provided food for the animal to limp back to health. When the tiger recovered, the monks tried to release it to the wilds but it did not want to leave and it became a permanent resident there. One month later, another tiger joined it and formed a family.

More absolute rubbish from out of the realms of fairy tales.

And the fairy tale continues, either a complete fabrication or just skimming the perimeter of truth.

Read and learn the truth and more about the Evil Tiger Temple (follow the links and links within the articles)

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Zoo News Digest has asked reputable zoos around the world to put up a sign on their Tiger enclosures asking their customers not to visit the Tiger Temple should they visit Thailand. In spite of repeated requests we are unaware of any collection which has done so.


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