Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rare proboscis monkeys in Apenheul!

'Bagik' - Photo Apenheul/Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Rare proboscis monkeys in Apenheul!

Unique outside Asia

With excitement the arrival of these unusual and spectacular new additions to the Apenheul collection had been looked forward to. The three male proboscis monkeys Julau (9), Bena (10) and Bagik (9) fortunately were unfazed by their long trip from Singapore to the decidedly cool Netherlands. Unhurriedly, as proper leaf-eating monkeys, they are now inspecting their new home. After a short period of adjustment, they can be seen by the Apenheul visitors from 26 July onwards.

Over the past weeks the inside quarters for the proboscis monkeys have been completed. Weather permitting, they should soon be able to spend their days outside on their new island. The big challenge for Apenheul is keeping the proboscis monkey well fed. They need to eat large amounts of fresh leaves every day. Also in winter, when fresh leaves are scarce. Many people have helped this summer to collect fresh leaves which will be deep frozen for use in winter.

Proboscis monkeys occur naturally on Borneo only and until now could only be seen there and in a few Asian zoos. For the European visitors, this is a unique opportunity to see this spectacular species close-up. Julau, Bena and Bagik are fully grown males, with the characteristic big noses and big bellies.

Apenheul and Singapore Zoo will set up an international studbook for the proboscis monkey and invite other holders of this species to enter their animals in this studbook. With that information, an internationally coordinated breeding programme can be initiated. The wild populations of proboscis monkeys have decreased by more than 50% over the past decades. Wildlife Reserves Singapore is already involved in conservation and research of wild proboscis monkeys on Borneo and Apenheul will join them in these projects.

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