Monday, July 18, 2011

Rhinoceros Farming in China

Rhinoceros Farming in China

The main Chinese Rhinoceros Farm is ‘The Sanya City Center for Artificial Propagation of the Rhinoceros’ which is located in Hainan Province. Zoo News Digest had learned of a farm on an island off the coast of China in 2007. As Sanya is on an island this is likely to be the same collection. It is very close to Vietnam and on the same latitude as Vinh.

In November 2007 the very first 19 Rhinoceros (two animals over seven years old and seventeen under three years old) to arrive in Hainan were for the "Window of Africa" theme park. This is possibly an alternative name or a ‘front’ for the farm or they are two different places. There is always a problem with names and translation and it is quite reasonable to assume that “Window of Africa” and “Africa View” are one and the same. It is then somewhat disturbing that when a reporter visited in 2008 he found “No animals were in evidence, save 60 or so rhinos living in rows of concrete pens, which he photographed”. 60? A considerable increase in just one year. As the first 19 animals had arrived the previous year and were nearly all young they could not have reproduced. “60 or so” is not an exact figure but suggests it was more than ’50 or so’ and less than ‘70 or so’. So ‘40 or so’ new Rhinoceros had appeared on the farm in just one year. Just where had these animals come from?

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