Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ungulate Care Workshop

Ungulate Care Workshop
Ungulate Hoof Care and Trimming Procedures
Oakland, CA
June 3 - 5, 2011

Registration is open and only a few more spots remain for the Ungulate Care Workshop, Ungulate Hoof Care and Trimming Procedures in Oakland, CA this June 3 - 5, 2011. Register now before the workshop is full!

Why should you attend this workshop?

- This workshop will provide you with hands on experience in trimming procedures, utilizing both cadaver feet and live animals.

- Students will learn from an experienced farrier, veterinarians, and experienced ungulate keepers, gaining knowledge of proactive and therapeutic hoof care for unique or critical cases.

- Students will have the opportunity to network with other ungulate professionals interested in hoof care and will establish contacts to consult with in the future.

- Several meals and all transportation in Oakland are provided for attendees, helping to make this workshop affordable.

- This workshop not only covers the "how to" of trimming but covers everything that goes into overall hoof health for our ungulate species. We will address how multiple factors in the captive environment affect the health of the feet, including: diet and nutrition, level of exercise and activity budgets, substrate, climate, injury and chronic medical conditions, individual conformation, training and enrichment programs, and more.

For more information, and to download a flyer and registration form visit

Questions? Submitting registration? Contact Amy Phelps at the Oakland Zoo at

Attending this course could be considered as


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