Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort Statement on the Orangutans in Giza Zoo

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort Statement on the Orangutans in Giza Zoo

AWPR Statement – 13 April 2011

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort has been increasingly worried about Giza Zoo’s lack of progress in constructing the new orang enclosure and we were very disappointed regarding the death of the male orang utan, Fatootah. We have been in active communication with the Giza authorities for several months to resolve this issue and indeed we have offered to temporarily house the animals back at AWPR until suitable accommodation is constructed at Giza. Our primary concern is the welfare of the two orang utans and we are, with our colleagues in PAAZAB, WAZA and the animal welfare community, committed to resolving the problem in a timely manner.


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  1. I am delighted to be able to post out this statement. I hope that Giza zoo responds to the request sson. It would be nice to have a statement from them too.

  2. Dear Peter - Thank you to Zoo digest and for international community - our demands are clear as stated in points 2,3, and 4

  3. Thank you Zoo Digest - We in Egypt, animal lovers, advocates, activists, societies and groups have made our demands clear, no. 2,3,and 4 directed to Central Zoos Managment as mentioned in
    We intend to deliver our demands to Central Zoos, Wildlife Unit, GOVS (copy) , Minister of Agriculture(copy) the day of the protest set Saturday 16th April in front of Giza Zoo.
    We ask ALL Animal People of the world, here in Egypt, UAE, and ALL THE WORLD, societies, groups, organiztions to support our request and find solution NOW for the Orangutans and the Chimps.
    Dina Zulfikar
    wildlife unit - ESAF
    Animal Protection Advocate
    AWAR group coordinator
    One of the coordinators of the protest event

  4. Please see our demands, concerning Orangutans and Chimps, no 2,3,and 4 directed to Central Zoos

  5. Thanks so much for following up with this story, Peter... With so much happening in the world, these orangutans would otherwise fall through the cracks.

    Orangutan Outreach stands ready to assist if needed.....

  6. Suddenly the former Giza Zoo Director who took the wrong decision in acquiring in those Orangutans, and currently holding the position of consultant to the zoo claims that the Giza Zoo has a current ready enclosure for the Orangtuan and he invited in one of the AW societies in Egypt specialized in equines to see this place... Sorry to say, I know Giza Zoo inch by inch, if this place has been ready since long why were the Orangutans placed in this non complying enclosure of the chimps, why were 3 chimps sent then to Fayoum and Alex zoos in non complying conditions, why is Mouza the chimp which arrived to the zoo as rescue center since March 2010 held in the Monkeys enclosure...? I wonder where this magic secret place in Giza Zoo is? who is to state and judge this place is complying, for sure not the former director, nor the current director, we know the specs. and we we demand complying to standards enclosure, if not, so the Orangutans has to be sent back as suggested or we seek help of redapes organization as suggested up, or else... PAAZAB has to have a clear saying here, where is this hidden place? we demand transparency.