Friday, April 15, 2011

Giza Zoo Statement on the Orangutans in Giza Zoo

Giza Zoo Statement on the Orangutans in Giza Zoo
15th April 2011
Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to inform you officially that Giza zoo is happy to confirm that we will proceed with the construction of a new exhibition for the Orang-utans this week.

We look forward to working in collaboration with Al Ain and PAAZAB on the design and construction of this facility to ensure it meets the approval of all parties.

A permanent orang habitat will be a key part of the proposed master planning exercise for Giza Zoo.

We share the concern for the Orang-utans welfare and good husbandry and look forward to establishing the orangs in their new home within the next three months.

DR. Fatma Tammam Undersecretary of State for Egyption zoos and wildlife Conservation

Dr. Mona Sadek
Giza zoo Communication Advisor


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  1. oh my God, they will consider and start building an enclosure????? are we a rich country, I did not know this, do we have excess budget, millions or what? even if the zoo finds a sponsor, what about the priorities? what happened with the Chimps enclosure project, why not done yet, Giza Zoo has 8 + 1 chimps, isn't this a priority pending for long, what about the elephants enclosure project, hadn't this been a priority for years? where are the priorities Giza Zoo, PAAZAB?

  2. Is the plan rectifying mistakes? acting upon wrong technical decisions violating PAAZAB specs? What about the official who took this decision, how many times would specs be violated? What are the plans of PAAZAB, what are the priorities of the zoo animals, which enclosures need to be constructed, which comes first... why do we act to correct a mistake, when many mistakes and non complying conditions are taking place... (8.1.5 Institutions should not willfully acquire and maintain animals for which they cannot reasonably provide the appropriate species' requirements as well as the requirements outlined in this standard.) the 3 chimps sent to Fayoum and Alex Zoo have been a priority, why this sudden plan to construct the enclosure for the Orangutans (now 2 and not 3) would take place, whilst the chimps (the 8 + 1) have to be left suffering? Kuku in Fayoum zoo according to the specs of PAAZAB I read <8.2.7 Animals of social species should normally be maintained in compatible social groups. Individuals should only be kept isolated for conservation reasons, veterinary treatment and hospitalisation, for the benefit of the individual, the group, or other justifiable reasons and where such isolation is not detrimental to the individual animal.) > SPECS ARE VIOLATED AND HAVE BEEN VIOLATED.