Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zoo body gets Peta prize for elephant move

According to the article below PETA intend to present a prize to the CZA for their decision to ban elephants in Indian Zoos. I do hope the prize is made of paper so that it can then be put to some functional use. I would not argue that some elephants in some zoos could not benefit from an improvement in conditions, as could so many other animals. This decision by the CZA is simply a 'sweeping it under the carpet' move and does not address the real underlying problems. - Peter

Zoo body gets Peta prize for elephant move
MUMBAI: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has announced that it will give the 2009 Proggy Award for International Leadership in the Field of Animal Rights to India's Central Zoo Authority (CZA) in recognition of the government organisation's decision to ban the use of elephants in zoos and circuses. "Proggy'' is short for "progressive''.

India, which is home to an estimated 23,900 to 32,900 wild elephants, will no longer permit its most prominent national symbol-the elephant-to be imprisoned in zoos and circuses. The move comes after years of campaigning by PETA India to liberate or at the very least, vastly improve the conditions of captive elephants. PETA India has repeatedly complained to the CZA about the hardships of elephants, which are forced to stand for long periods on hard concrete surfaces while being confined to cramped enclosures that severely restrict their movement.

The CZA has announced that all elephants currently living in Indian zoos will be transferred to elephant camps run by the forest department.

The camps will be located near protected areas, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. This decision also applies to elephants in circuses where, like zoos, they are often kept chained alone.

PETA India embarked on an investigation of 14 major zoos across the country in 2005 and discovered appalling conditions at every facility.

"By banning the use of elephants in zoos and circuses, the CZA has established itself as a world leader in elephant protection and has gone a long way in ensuring that elephants would be allowed to lead a more natural and peaceful life,'' PETA India Founder Ingrid E Newkirk said.

She plans to present the award to the CZA next month during a visit to India.



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