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Human Macaque Interface Pre Conference Workshop

Human Macaque Interface Pre Conference Workshop

15th January 2010 Asia For Animal Conference, Singapore

0900-0905 Opening remarks and thanks to hosts, sponsors and speakers (organiser)

0905-0930 Keynote address
The macaque-human interface: moving from conflict to community
Prof Agustin Fuentes, University of Notre Dame, USA

SESSION 1 : Macaque Projects by NGO’s

0930-0945 The Plight of common macaques and the work of IAR Indonesia
(Dr Karmele Llano, International Animal Rescue, Indonesia)

0945-1000 The advantages of lacking manpower
(Barbara Martelli, Philoozoophie Limited, Singapore)

1000-1015 Asola Monkey Sanctuary , Delhi
(Sonya Ghosh, Citizens for the Welfare and Protection of Animals, India)

1015-1030 Q and A for Session 1


Sterilisation using endoscopic tubal ligation in macaques

SESSION 2 : Macaque Projects by Governments

1100-1115 Control and management of wild macaques in Hong Kong
( Dr Karthi Krishnasamy, SPCA Hong Kong presenting the work of the HK government)

1115-1130 Conflict management and mitigating the rhesus macaques population in Himanchal, India
(Dr Sandeep Rattan Wildlife Wing, Forest Department, Himanchal, India)

1130-1145 The effectiveness of using volunteers group to reduce human macaque interaction in the Yushan National Park, Taiwan
(Liu Liang-Li, Kainan University and Yushan National Park Headquarters,Taiwan)

1145-1200 Q and A for Session 2

SESSION 3: Public opinion and Attitudes

1200-1210 Opinions and complaints of residents living in the forest fringes and experiencing human-macaque conflict (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines)

1210-1225 Positive thinking: Changing public attitudes towards macaques
(Gail Laule, Wildlife In Need, Phillipines)

1225-1230 Q+A for Session 3

1230-1330 LUNCH

SESSION 4: Trade, Population Control and Conservation Concern of Macaques

1330-1345 Macaque Trade In South East Asia
(Chris Shepherd, TRAFFIC South East Asia)

1345-1400 Overview of population control methods in macaques ( Dr Paolo Martelli , Ocean Park Hong Kong)

1400-1415 Human macaque interaction and their conservation concerns in Shoushan ( Mt Longevity), Kaohsiung, Taiwan
(Assistant Prof Su,Hsiu-Hui, Institute of Wildlife Conservation, National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan))

1415-1430 Q+A for Session 4

SESSION 5: Workshops and Resolutions

1430-1600 Divided into three working groups
1) Changing public attitudes towards macaques and managing public complaints
Chair - Gail Laule

2) Holistic approach to human urban macaque conflict management
Chair - Prof Agustin Fuentes

3) Assessing macaque populations and severity of conflict situations
Chair - John Sha

1600-1650 Presentation of Resolution (By chairs of working groups) and final open discussion

1650-1700 Closing address - The Macaca Story

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or fax it to us at +65 6892 9721

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