Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sorry Kuwait Zoo

In the editorial to my last Zoo News Digest I made a few remarks about Kuwait Zoo which were based on wrongly interpreted assumptions. How do I know?

A friend and colleague of mine has just returned from a visit to Kuwait Zoo. If it were just anybody informing me I may not believe what they had to say. He tells me that there are actually Kuwaiti keepers and supervisors within Kuwait Zoo and that they appear dedicated to their work. This includes the zoo director, Farid a Mulla Ahmad who is doing an extremely good job of work.

The newspaper article which began my suppositions had been put in the paper to draw peoples attention to their bad behaviour in the hope that it may lessen during the Eid Holidays. I do hope that it does.

Some of the things I recollect zoo visitors doing to animals and giving to animals are enough to bring a shiver down my spine and most of these would be from the UK!

So, Sorry Kuwait Zoo. My friend says you are dedicated and doing a good job. Thank you and keep up the good work. Shukran.

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