Monday, November 30, 2009

Finn the Bear

Last week a mentally handicapped man climbed into the bear enclosure at the Dählhölzli Zoo in Berne, Switzerland.

As is only natural the official occupant of the enclosure, a three year old European brown bear called 'Finn' decided to rough up the unwelcome tresspasser.

Natural enough too that someone, in this case a Swiss policeman, came to the aid of the unfortunate man. He shot 'Finn' with a dum dum type 9mm bullet which makes surgery extremely difficult. The mentally handicapped man is expected to make a full recovery.

'Finn' continues to make a good recovery and is feeding well and taking antibiotics. His best interests are being considered and discussed with veterinary surgeons and the local university.

The dum dum type bullets have been used as standard issue in Switzerland since 2007 as they are percieved to cause less or no injury to innocent bystanders that previous standard issue bullets.


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