Saturday, August 29, 2009

International Vulture Awareness Day

Just 1 week to go! Okay, the number of collections taking part has increased but still the number of participants is shockingly low. It would not take me twenty minutes to compile a list of zoos which should be taking part.

No-one is trying to take money off you! All that is wanted is one day to be spent telling people of the plight of vultures in the wild.

If you have vultures/condors then you really must be taking part. If you haven't, you can still be involved.

Click on this link now. It won't take five minutes for you to sign up.

Vulture Biology and Management is so very important today and is likely to become increasingly so over the next few years. Unless we are too late already.

Read up the links below to catch up on the state of play.

Getting to the bare bones of vulture culture

Kenya: The Vulture is a Vanishing Bird

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A Restaurant for Vultures. Literally,8599,1916445,00.html?iid=tsmodule

Namibia: More Vultures Illegally Poisoned

Namibia: Thousands Raised for Naukluft Vulture Conservation

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Indian vulture births are hailed

A venue of birds or a kettle of vultures becoming extinct

Decreasing Vulture Population Linked to EU Regulations on Carcass Removal

Vulture population takes a dive as starvation sets in

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Where there's life, there's hope for conservation

Tourists are causing rare Eurasian Griffon Vultures to perish

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Study sounds global vulture alert

Drug swap urged to save vultures

Vet drug 'killing Asian vultures'

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