Friday, August 14, 2009

Gorilla for Murghzar Zoo

Gorilla for Murghzar Zoo in Islamabad? I do hope not. The precise number of animals and species does make me wonder that they might have these lined up already. Or perhaps someone in their infinite wisdom just pulled the names from a hat.
In the modern zoo world (good zoos) animal aquisition is not a supermarket trip but a case of reputation building, joining breeding programmes, taking and acting on the advice of species co-ordinators. Most animals arrive in good zoos cost purchase. Does Murghzar Zoo have any expertise in Gorillas? Where would they aquire them from? Whereas I have no wish to cast any criticism over a collection I know very little about. I do know they are not ready for Gorillas.

Islamabad zoo to buy 34 animals and 27 birds
The Capital Development Authority, which has the responsibility of maintenance of Pakistani federal capital Islamabad, will purchase 34 animals and 27 birds for the city’s Murghzar Zoo after the completion of a ‘Development of Murghzar Zoo Islamabad’ project under an approved project concept-I (PC-I). The National Assembly was told yesterday to a question raised by Tasneem Siddiqui, the CDA would add to the zoo 34 new animals, including brown and black bears, yak, ibex, Suleman markhor, leopard, wolf, jackal, barking deer, grey goral, urial, stripped hyena, rhesus monkey, grey langur, Sind wild goat, leopard cat, palm civet, yellow-throat marten, Bengal tiger, samber, jungle cat, Asiatic lion, cheetah, rhinoceros, African elephant, rhino and lion, black panther, hippopotamus, giraffe, kangaroos, chimpanzee, baboons and gorilla. A CDA official said the authorities would buy for the zoo 27 birds, including chukar partridge, koklas ph.........

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