Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost Lemurs and Found Boobies and Peta going Wild

Ring Tail Lemur loose in Yorkshire? I wonder. I am not saying that the report is untrue as I recollect chasing Lemurs from cars in a collection I fairly recently worked in. Stowing away is a distinct possibility. If it is caught (or shot) then there should be a microchip and if not then DNA tests are a must because such an escape must be reported. If not why not. And shot? I mention that because in around 1990 a Lemur was shot in the Snowdonia National Park. It was running with a herd of sheep. So much for supposition. I believe the animal is more likely to be a Coatimundi. Back in 1968 I made almost weekly visits to York Museum. Here there was a huge map of Yorkshire with coloured pins showing the sightings of Raccoons and Coatimundi's in the County. I cannot believe that they were all of the same animals. Then there are the animals up in Cumbria. They are sighted with regularity.

Lemurs on the loose?

A day without Boobies would be a sad one. Good news then.

Extinct boobies return from the dead

PETA Go Wild Over Sandler's Zookeeper Movie

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