Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest News of Surabaya Zoo

Latest News of Surabaya Zoo

A professional zoo colleague of mine visited Surabaya Zoo last week and sent me the following observations.

"I spent two days in Surabaya Zoo last week . I have to say , They are really trying . They have very big plans already unfolding re new habitats. The Leopards new habitat is near complete. They have a new butchery under construction . The animals diets are fresh , proper and plenty full . They have 2 resident vets , another two on call . The place is old , but clean and animals are by no means starving and mistreated . I grant in the past its been a right old mess . They are trying and succeeding in most areas . "

I give more credibility to those five sentences than all the newspaper reports.It is, as I thought, not as bad as the picture painted by all those well meaning Facebook Groups and Petition Sites are. Sadly these misinformed people are falling into the trap set by those wishing to close the zoo so that they can use the land for building and so competing zoos can profit. Let's not let this happen. Learn more from the links below.

The Tiger in Surabaya Zoo

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  1. Peter thank you for your efforts to find out what has been going on at Surabaya Zoo and for your colleague's time to go there and see the situation first hand. It's been very concerning the images shown of the animals and the reports. I've had my concerns and still have however I'm also keeping an open mind on this issue.