Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amphibian Symposium

Amphibian Symposium

Tuesday, July 23, Baltimore

Amphibian Specialist Group

The IUCN amphibian conservation action plan is a unique example of a multi-disciplinary response to the global amphibian crisis. Published in 2007, the action plan details an ambitious framework to stem the rapid losses of amphibians worldwide (Gascon et al. 2007). This plan detailed a need for $400m investment over 4 years and some highly motivated stakeholders from around the world have been able to leverage some initial funding to implement real conservation actions that cross disciplines and benefit amphibians world-wide. The Amphibian Survival Alliance

(ASA), launched in June 2011, acts as a global partnership for amphibian conservation and is working to mobilize a motivated and effective consortium of organizations to stem the rapid losses of amphibian populations and species worldwide (Bishop et al. 2012). The purpose of this session is to convene some of the implementers of best cutting-edge examples of amphibian conservation actions ranging from land acquisition to species management, law enforcement and policy, education and capacity building actions that cross a variety of disciplines outlined in the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan. We hope to engage the wider community of conservation practice in each of these disciplines to help stimulate conversations and ideas to effectively implement this ambitious plan.

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