Saturday, July 6, 2013

Asian Zoo Educators Conference 2013

Asian Zoo Educators Conference 2013
9th - 13th December

The theme of AZEC 2013 is “Educational Cooperation between Museums for Humanities and Sciences - A message of generating new life through new linkages -”. This conference will see a call for research papers focusing on the implementation of training programs, surveys, research and the like that takes up the theme of cooperation between museums dedicated to the humanities and natural science museums. The goal is for the many participants and facilities to cooperate by sharing information and ideas. Furthermore, with regards to zoos and aquariums lacking experience when it comes to this type of thing, the partner organization need not necessarily be a humanities-related museum; cooperation with schools, universities, private companies and citizen’s groups is also acceptable. Educational practices not having any relationship with this theme will also be accepted. We anticipate being flooded with applications. If there are many applications, presentations that are consistent with the conference theme will be given preference.

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