Monday, September 27, 2010

World's Largest Tiger Lie

World's Largest Tiger Lie

Hung Out To Dry By A Lie

You will recollect the headlines. People smiled, patted each other on the back and thought perhaps that Myanmar was not so bad after all. I suspect that some even turned a blind eye to the appalling human rights recorded and burial of any pretence of democracy. Yes we were happy. There was hope at last for the survival of the Tiger. Just about every newspaper carried the story of the creation of the World's Largest Tiger Reserve.

Here is just one:


We learn it was all a lie.
a damned lie

Read This

And This

So all these pointless tiger conferences and summits and discussions will rumble on with all the VIP's patting each other on the back and presenting awards to each other and not doing a damned thing.

And in captivity? Still all the pointless breeding of hybrids, of unnecessary breeding, of deliberate creation of 'colours'.

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