Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Craig Busch Hack Attack

Anyone who has ever read my article Craig Busch and Zion Wildlife Gardens will only be too aware that I am not a fan of the man, his methods or his message. I can however sympathise with the guy since I learned that someone had hacked into his online bank account and has being siphoning off his money. This is an awful thing to do to anybody. I hope the culprit is apprehended quickly.

I was even more sympathetic when I learned from the two newslinks today that Craig has been receiving threats (ie hate mail). I fail to understand the mental mess that draws such excuses for human beings to threaten others. They should be locked away.

There is a certain irony to hate mail aspect in that around 60% of that which I have personally received has been from Craig Busch fans.
Thieves steal funds raised in Britain for Lion Man

Lion Man scammed and threatened

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