Friday, February 26, 2010

A Habeas Corpus writ for a Chimpanzee

Translated with Google Translate from Spanish to English (I have not tidied the text in any way) - Peter

                  Jimy, en su jaula del zoo brasileño. Foto: Proyecto Gran Simio
The chimp called Jimy and lives in a cage in a zoo in Brazil. Project Great Ape International believes that it is sad, isolated and without any entertainment, so you have formally requested their release through a legal procedure that is commonly used for humans.

Backed by a team of lawyers and scientific personalities from Brazil, have filed a habeas corpus before the courts of the city of Niteroi, in Rio de Janeiro state. Among those supporting the initiative are several Spanish scientists and the writer Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa.

They argue that for years the chimpanzee lives isolated and besieged by the public at a small private zoo, according to the complainants, does not meet the minimum operating conditions required by Brazilian law.

Not for the first time there is a 'Habeas Corpus' in Brazil to release an animal. Several years ago, Dr. Heron, a law professor at the University of Salvador used it to release a chimp called Switzerland who lived alone in a zoo in the city of Salvador in Bahia State (Brazil). The judge agreed, thus became the first animal in the world to be recognized as legal subject in legal action.

When I was passing sentence, Switzerland was poisoned by night. The perpetrators of her murder were never arrested even though the Great Ape Project suspicion that the authors of this death were related to the zoo and its release.

For Jimy, Judge of First Instance has managed the petition, denied habeas corpus and the case has been appealed to the higher court, where a court with multiple judges this time, will make the decision. If you refuse, the leaders of this initiative are planning to appeal to the Supreme Court of Brazil.

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  1. I hope this chimp is granted his freedom and this kind of prison is ended once and for all. It's not right.

    God Bless all you who help innocent animals and people in this world. Justice and Kindness go hand-in-hand.

    Yours Truly,