Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cruelty and Ignorance in Yancheng Zoo

So the Yancheng Zoo wants to restore a tiger's natural instincts by putting a live bull in its cage. Why? This is a White Tiger. It will never be released to the wild. Even if it were any other colour it would never be released to the wild. It does not need its natural killing instincts. Such an exhibition is nothing short of cruelty and should be condemned. I know there are some who may argue that it was 'enriching' for the tiger, but how about the bull? I fully understand the concept of re-wilding and would even become party to it if it should ever become necessary but this is not it. This is pure 'Christians to the Lions' stuff pandering to the sickest of society. I note that it was done in front of visitors too. Live chickens are not necessary either. Partially laziness but in the main disrespect for life. (Please note I am not a vegetarian and done more than my fair share of necessary slaughter)
The zoo argues that the comfy life in the zoo has caused the Tigers immune and reproductive system to degenerate. Really? I reckon the inbreeding of unnaturally coloured mutations has more of a part to play. This zoo should be shut down! - Peter

Bull turns tables on tiger

A Chinese zoo's bid to restore a tiger's natural instincts by putting a live bull in its cage backfired when prey turned hunter.

Yancheng Zoo, in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, put the one-year-old bull into the white tiger's enclosure, reports Modern Express.

Keepers expected the rare tiger, called Tang Bai Hu, would kill and eat the animal as it would have done in the wild.

Tang Bai Hu did try to attack the bull - but the bull turned the tables by charging the tiger which fled in terror, much to the amusement of visitors.

The tiger tried again but could not get the better of the bull which pushed him away and, at one stage, even seemed to bite the tiger back.

Zoo spokesman Chang Yihai admitted that a live bull might have been too much for the 15-year-old tiger which normally eats chopped beef or chicken.

"Our tigers' hunting skills are long forgotten. They live a very comfortable life here, with a big house, swimming pool and sports field," he said.

"But their wild nature has been lost, which indirectly causes the degeneration of their immune system and reproductive ability."

The zoo had not given up - but would try offering Tang Bai Hu live chickens next time and build up from there, he added.

Tang Bai Hu is the zoo's only adult white tiger. He and his
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