Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Climate Change Conference at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo to host special conference to combat climate change

The meeting will be held in the Zoo’s Lecture Hall on the 18th March from 6pm and is free. To book your place contact Kate Brankin on 01244 389444

ZOOS world-wide have a responsibility to do their bit to combat climate change is the message coming out of Chester Zoo ahead of a special conference.

With 600 million people visiting zoos around the world each year, the potential to influence, educate and help make a difference should not be ignored, delegates at Chester Zoo’s first Climate Change event will be told.

Hosted by Chester Zoo’s Director General Prof Gordon McGregor Reid and Bristol Zoo Director, Dr Jo Gipps, the conference will pull together a panel of experts from across the region.

Decision makers from local and regional authorities will be invited to the ‘Question Time’ style event.

Chester Zoo’s Head of Discovery and Learning, Stephen McKeown, warned that the issue of climate change should be ignored at peril.

“There is an urgency around climate change and we need to raise awareness of that fact at local, regional and national levels.

“We have all heard the doom and gloom stories but what we need to do is to look at positive ways of making a difference and to see what each and every

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