Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zookeeping: An Introduction to the Science and Technology

Zookeeping: An Introduction to the Science and Technology

Zookeeping is destined to become the ‘must have’ comprehensive resource for the zoo industry. It offers an abundance of information and knowledge for the novice zookeeper and the seasoned veteran alike. From the history of zoos to animal welfare, training, husbandry, and beyond—to the future of the zoological institution—as we know it. Zookeeping coversit all, replacing dozens of single-subject books. The contributors are among the most respected and recognized zoo experts, and they include nearly every conceivable subject of interest to those in the field.”­
(International Conference of Zookeepers)

“Zoos and aquariums may vary in size and design, but what should always remain consistent is the quality of animal care.  Zookeeping will contribute greatly to the professional development of new animal care professionals by providing core information and best practices, helping to develop and enhance keeper knowledge at the entry level. Mark Irwin, his colleagues, and more than seventy contributors have made a great contribution to fundamental animal care. The American Association of Zoo Keepers is proud to include this volume as part of its standardized instruction for the professional development of animal care professionals.”
(Bob Cisneros American Association of Zoo Keepers)

“Initially, Zookeeping was meant to be for zookeepers only. The final product, however, is probably the most comprehensive guide to what you should know about running a good zoo business ever published. Animals are at the center of this book: it is about their care and conservation. For that purpose, top experts from the zoo business provide insight into animal husbandry, diseases, behavior, taxonomy, the legal situation, conservation, and international cooperation—to name just a few subjects. All those issues make a modern zoo and help preserve biodiversity worldwide.”
(Gerald Dick World Association of Zoos and Aquariums)
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