Friday, July 16, 2010

PETA protestors hit out at Dubai Zoo

PETA Protest in DUBAI

Protestors from PETA dressed up as monkeys in prison outfits campaigned illegally outside Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach yesterday to draw attention to the conditions the animals are reputedly kept in. They handed out leaflets and displayed placards reading “Zoos: cruel animal prisons”.

The demonstration lasted only a matter of minutes before it was broken up by police.

The ultimate aim of PETA is the closure of ALL zoos. They make no distinction between the good or the bad.....unless it is called a 'sanctuary', in which case it is not a zoo is it ;-)

PETA have described Dubai Zoo as 'one of the worst'. It may have faults but it is far from being the worst. They are planning to visit Cairo Zoo (Giza) next.

Animal-rights protest staged at Dubai Zoo

Police disperse PETA activists

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