Thursday, December 31, 2009

In transit or destination, Delhi is poachers’ capital

In transit or destination, Delhi is poachers’ capital

There is little connection between an ultraviolet-ray light sourced from Australia and clumps of fish meat with bones carefully picked clean, but together the two form a perfect gift for the Capital’s unusual guests — two baby crocodiles.

Poached from Tamil Nadu’s Hogenakkal Falls and rescued from the poacher’s luggage at Delhi’s Nizamuddin Railway Station, the baby crocodiles are being taken care of by the NGO Wildlife SOS here.

In the past one year, Delhi has witnessed several rare and protected species — dead and alive — brought in via illegal channels from across the country. The authorities have found nine leopard skins, four ‘sambar’ deer skins, 100 shawls made from shahtoosh (Tibetan antelope ‘chiru’ hair) and seven otter skins.

Several NGOs — along with the National Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Delhi Crime Branch, CBI and


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