Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blue Movies For Chimpanzees

It is not a new idea and has been used several times in different zoos over the years. It always generates attention from the press which in turn helps gate revenue. What I would like to know is whether 'Blue' movies for primates has ever actually resulted in increased sexual activity by the audience? Please comment below if you know. - Peter

Zoo keepers go ‘blue’ in the face for a chimp of the old block...

A the end of their wits trying to persuade the male chimpanzees in the Chamarajendra Zoological Garden to mate with the female of the species, so that the zoo can have a baby chimp or two,The keepers have struck upon what they think is an idea bright if not blue.

There are three male chimpanzees in the Mysore zoo, Mason, 19, Vali, 15 and Guru, 22. There are also two female chimpanzees Marilla, 18, and Ganga, 42. They are kept in separate enclosures to prevent possiblities of getting into fights. With all the tricks in their trade to rouse the primeval instincts of the three male chimps mate with the two females in zoo having failed miserably so far, the staff are planning to procure some animal sex movies, of chimps mating, hoping to rouse the resident chimps enough for them have a go at the females in the enclosure.

The staff have managed to get such a film and are now plans are afoot to place the male chimps in a closed room where the “motivational” film will be screened. The zoo keepers had the less-than-bright idea of showing the male chimps
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  1. I too have read this type of thing.. about gorillas usually, who are supposed to have more so-called "compatibilty" problems than other great apes. I have never seen anything like a "follow" up regarding any success interesting if you get any positve response. Maybe, like you say, it's more about publicity and spin to get the gate reciepts up and sex on anything does gets!