Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craig Busch UK Zoo Tour

Craig Busch UK Zoo Tour

Craig Busch, the infamous 'Lion Man' is apparantly setting out on a UK Zoo Tour.

I am presently aware of only one UK Zoo (Dartmoor Zoo) who has agreed to host him in anticipation of having many of his numerous UK fans visit. They cite financial reasons for doing so. I am actually really disgusted at this point of view. It is a bit like selling your mother down the river.

No doubt other UK zoos have been approached and some are even considering it (I can actually guess at which ones they will be, but I won't).

I would point anyone in doubt to the article: Craig Busch and Zion Wildlife Gardens

Read it but DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Research the facts yourself.

I don't suppose Dartmoor gives a damn as to what I think but until they cancel they have lost any respect I ever had for the place.


  1. I strongly agree with you Peter. With such places as Dartmoor and the rest who we know, seem to have a rather blinkered view regarding Graig Busch and all he stands for, which is nothing but egomania. No person should have to go in and be with big cats, let alone do what he does. There is no place for it in any zoo or park, may be if he wants to join Zippo's Circus or do the circus of horrors circuit, then may be there is a place for him...But like that other ill-informed miss-mash of cow dung, TIGRES, then with these people, I have very little hope for the world...of good zookeeping. I wish some one out there would create a law to eradicate/ban these groups and non-experienced armchair frauds...Sorry, but Graig Busch and his foney tour of the UK is making my blood boil, ba humbug!

  2. I absolutely agree with you Peter.
    This man has scammed so many people through his TV show, and we all have to educate our visitors who now think that white tigers are an endangered spcies and that it is acceptable to take cubs away from their mums within a few hours (or minutes of birth).
    Zoos who portray themselves in the media and books as caring about conservation should not entertain this man as their "star visitor" as by doing so they are reinforcing his position with the public. A man who has convictions for assault and who declaws his animals so they can be used to entertain should be condemned by all conservation zoos.
    The comment on the internet that the visit was purely to drum up business for Dartmoor was just embarassing. Can you just ignore the morals of this man as long as you make some money? That makes you as bad as him.
    Whoever organised this visit to Dartmoor should hang their head in shame (and leave the zoo profession - run away to the circus maybe?)!

  3. Well 2 parks what the spokes person has said, have now both confirmed Craig wont be there.

    I think he will pull out at last minute?

    His fans have made comments too saying if protesters turn up then they may start trouble with them... Sounds like it will be a BNP rally