Sunday, October 18, 2009

Craig Busch heads to Denmark

Craig Busch heads to Denmark

Some mystery still surrounds the Craig Busch UK visit. Some zoos have categorically stated on their websites that he will not be hosted by them. So far Dartmoor have not done that, and they were the only ones to officially announce he would be coming. Come on he or isn't he?

I have not mentioned the names of the other collections which the Craig Busch Facebook page said he would be visiting. If you are interested you can check this out quick enough yourself. They do say he is still coming but if zoos are actually thinking straight the best venue he will get is a shopping centre.

But he is visiting Denmark! The zoo he will be going to is Naestved Zoo. Never heard of it? This collection was only opened in August 2007 and since then has gone from strength to weakness (as demonstrated by hosting Craig Busch).

This collection proudly proclaims that their White Tiger is the only one in Denmark. Doesn't that tell you something? Other Danish Zoos CARE about Conservation! Naestved Zoo presumably does not. They are also delighted that their other tiger is carrying the white recessive gene. (Why?) Naestved Zoo is another of these 'look how great I am playing with big cats' type of collections.

I am the last person on earth to side with anti-zoo groups but sometimes they have a point and I am prepared to listen to anybodys point of view. Believe me I do change my opinions on certain things almost, make that monthly.

Here is a translated report on Naestved Zoo:

Boycott Næstved Zoo

Conditions for the animals in Næstved Zoo is in many areas beneath contempt. One should stay away, the situation has been rectified, think Animal Protection

15-07-2009 - Animals in zoological facilities

Algae and even tadpoles in their drinking water, long hooves of donkeys, and waste and dead animals floating in the immediate vicinity of the animal facility, it's just some of the factors that enable them to Animal Protection believes that Næstved Zoo is not a place you should visit.

"The many examples of things that are not in order, just reinforces the image we have of this zoological facilities. It shows recklessness and indifference to animals' needs," says animal welfare inspector Jens Svenningsen.

"It seems we are also in connection with the offer to pat a tiger young people in 25 minutes in 1000 dollars. Tigers are wild animals to be treated as such. The intense imprinting on humans, which occurs in earnings characters can only be described as unethical and completely wrong ", says Jens Svenningsen.

Næstved Zoo continues, moreover, to showcase tiger pup, despite the absence of authorization from the Forest - and Nature Agency under CITES.

Additional information: Animal Protection Inspector of Animal Protection Jens Svenningsen, tel 40 14 80 22

Okay I have never had the opportunity to visit this place so I may be completely out of order. The comment section is open below. Condemn or praise. It is 'up to you' as we say in Thailand.


  1. I was in Næstved zoo yesterday and what you write is bullshit i´m sorry! I will start by saying that I work with animaltraining everyday and know a lot about animals.
    The tigers in this zoo have a very big outdoor place to stay in whit a lot of hills,trees and a lake. The tigers are calm and very nice looking animals.
    I have some inside info about these comments from a animal welfare group: The dead animals they talk about was 10 turki Birds who was killed by a fox in there cage. The owner took them and put the dead birds on the zoo dumster in a looked area of the zoo . These animal welfare fools climbed the looked gate an took pictures of the dumster and after that said that dead animals were laying everywhere. Where should the owner had put the dead birds then? These animal welfare people just don´t like the owner becuse he made them look like idiots on national tv becouse the didn´t know anything about animals. Come on they told him to cut the grass in the tigers outside facilities!!!!! Let´s send people to India to cut the grass it´s not good for tigers!!!! Idiots!! I was there and all the animals are fine, good health and calm. It´s just a small park that got in the way of animal welfare fools.
    I have a lot of pictures from the tigers.

  2. Thank you anonymous for writing this. Mr Dickinson seems to have a vendetta against Mr Busch and anyone who is a fan of his and I am interested to know why?
    Sheena Pacetti France

  3. Sheena, no I do not have a vendetta against the Craig Busch fans, in fact the opposite applies. Yes I am against Craig Busch for the reasons stated in my article. These are factual and can be re-researched by anyone who doubts. I want the Busch Fans to see the truth and not the myth created by the magic of television.
    Actually I was in two minds whether to let 'Anonymous' actually post a comment as I don't like people to hide behind masks but I generously allowed the comment though because it was the only little bit of information giving the other side of the story.
    If, Sheena you have not read my article then please do and go to:

  4. Hello Peter.
    It´s not becouse I want to be anonymous but I´m not very good with a computer .
    My name is Henrik Møller and I work with elephants and camels in cirkus and theater in Denmark as a proffesionel and have done so all my life.
    I own 4 camels by myself together with donkeys, horses and a lot of other animals.
    I also work with the animals with handicaped people who has a lot of joy together with my animals. It´s amazing how brain injured people open up there life when the animals are around them. Did you understand what I ment with that?
    You can have my webpage adr. and email if you like so that I´m not anonymous. Just write youre email adr. and I send you a mail. Best wishes
    Henrik Møller

  5. I Love Craigs TV shows, he is Awesome! HE IS A LION MAN! Everyone can talk sh*t about everyone and write the horible ridiculous articles calling it the truth is... and blah blah blah.
    But the FACT that Craig Busch is the Man! And he has no fears to get into the Lions cage and knows their behavior and they all JUST LOVE HIM and RESPECT HIM I GIVE HIM MY RESPECT AND 1000 points UP! AND MANY MORE!
    You guys and you Peter, before you say anything negative about Craig get in the cage with Lion first! Craig deals with HUGE humongous Lions! sometimes you cant be always nice and gentle! You have to be a half wild like them to understand the language, You need to learn and understand a lot before making rude comments and posting negative articles against Craig! working with animals is diferent from working and writing articles... Its a real deal! its different world for everyone to feel free and open in mind and soul.. . Craig saving lions and other big cats! we should all be supportive and help him all together!!!

  6. Karinamaya - I am sure your heart is in the right place but really you haven't a clue. Without getting too picky 1/ Craig is not saving lions and other big cats...and 2/ It is unnecessary to ever enter an enclosure with any big cat.

  7. Thank goodness for this website !
    As far as anyone knows, Craig Busch has no formal qualification in animal welfare and cares little about felid genetic lines for breeding purposes other than inbreeding genetic mutations in spite of the animals' suffering.
    The blind loyalty exhibited by his deliberately unknowing fans encourages the future cruelty he is likely to inflict on the cats now that he runs Zion once again.
    I wonder how long it will be before Busch tries to produce a Liger then blames his mother.
    Anyone who sup[ports Busch should carefully examine the evidence and circumstances regarding his previous exit from Zion and then ask themselves why no properly run zoo in the UK would entertain having him as a guest.