Thursday, October 22, 2009

Craig Busch UK Zoo Tour update

Craig Busch will no longer be visiting Dartmoor Zoo.

The Dartmoor blog entry for 21st October 2009 states: "....oxygen of intense publicity, which is rarely useful in establishing the actual facts.

Our own careful research revealed that no serious allegations made against him had yet been substantiated, and on the principle of innocent until proven guilty, we stood by our original decision.

However, we have since been advised by BIAZA, which is effectively our governing body, not to play a part Mr Busch’s tour, and so we have withdrawn our support."

I am delighted that this decision has been made. However I do feel that if it had been arrived at by further 'careful research' rather than BIAZA advice that it would have more substance.

There have been the names of other collections bandied about these past few weeks. I have never mentioned these anywhere nor will I do so now. However it is my given understanding from BIAZA that Craig Busch will not be visiting these either.

So, unmentioned collections? Maybe, who knows?


  1. Well done BIAZA zoos for taking a stand against this man - we should not be condoning this sort of behaviour towards animals and people.
    Dartmoor - if your "careful research" does not concur with the other zoos then perhaps you should just go ahead with the visit anyway. Maybe the quality of your research was not up to scratch (like Craig's tigers!).
    You don't have to follow BIAZA's advice if you do not agree. In fact, why bother with being BIAZA members if you are only in it for the money as you stated on the internet this week (Statement can be found on ZooChat website).
    The reputable BIAZA zoos do not need to be associated with zoos like you who have no moral basis for their work.

  2. There are two sides to this issue Peter. One from the view of the Zoo Profession that Mr Busch is not in line with the current and acceptable practices of modern zoos you have already posed those examples concerning the animal welfare issues i.e. declawing and the breeding of animals of no genetic value.

    The other side is that concerning the right of Mr Busch to travel to venues unhindered and for the opportunity for the followers of the series to see him in person - I would call that an emotive issue.

    I don't agree with Mr Busch because of the declawings I have the original report as you know. I had to see for myself if this had indeed occurred and yes it had. The issues of the drug taking and and cub killings can only be called heresay there are no substantiated facts to verify or deny these did or did not happen. But I also think that people also have the right to meet him in person. At what venue? Debatable. If the individual Zoos have chosen not to host Mr Busch then that is their perogative and they should not be attacked by Mr Busch's fans for that. If a Zoo chooses to host him then that is also their perogative. I'm talking not from an emotive decision here but from the commercial perspective. You have more than covered the stance of the Zoo Profession on this,

    Am I a zoo professional? - absolutely not nor will I question Peter your vast experience I have a lot of respect for you and will continue to do so.