Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dr. Jane Goodall Would Not Be Amused

Dr. Jane Goodall Would Not Be Amused

Last night Dr. Jane Goodall gave a talk as part of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed lecture series.

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Meanwhile just down the road apiece in Sharjah we have this.

Totally wrong of course. For every baby Chimpanzee you see in somebody's hands outside of a zoo a whole lot more were killed to obtain it. The mother is killed of course, because no mother is going to give up her infant and so often a whole family has been killed. Get that, KILLED, dead, finished, gone forever just to provide some super rich individual with a new plaything. It isn't clever, it isn't funny, it is just plain horrible. It doesn't matter how much care love and attention is lavished on the baby after the event the damage has been done. Lives have been taken.

What will happen to these babies when they become older? Adult and even pre-adult Chimpanzees are dangerous, exceptionally so. Hand reared Chimpanzees are the most dangerous of the lot.

It's not just the Chimpanzees of course. A few weeks back it was baby Orangutans. Their mothers killed as well. Burned to death or butchered or shaved and tied down in some cheap Indonesian brothel.

The UAE needs to get its act together and take these people to task. They should not be too difficult to find.

The Chimpanzee is CITES Appendix 1 and cannot be traded commercially.

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