Saturday, July 12, 2014

Raid on ex-zoo-chief Blaszkiewitz

Raid on ex-zoo-chief Blaszkiewitz

Investigation for suspected illegal waste disposal
The Berlin public prosecutor, the private residence of the former head of the Berlin zoos and animal parks, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz searched. This was confirmed by Justice spokesman Martin Steltner on Friday. Background are the investigations against Blaszkiewitz in connection with the illegal disposal of contaminated soil on the zoo grounds. Be unclear whether a commissioned disposal company knew that it is contaminated soil. The search has already taken place on Wednesday of last week.
During the tenure of Blaszkiewitz mounds were in September 2013 in the rear part of the zoo near the farmyard filled up. It is estimated up to 30,000 tons Erdhub, which was allegedly given away to the zoo. According to media reports Blaszkiewitz should have planned to scatter the sand in the enclosures. However, the sand is to be contaminated with heavy metals. Since there is more than the amount of the accumulated excavated earth and its composition uncertainty and the cost of disposal can not be predicted, the Management Board and Supervisory Board of Zoo and Wildlife Park have not been approved for fiscal year. In consultation with the Senate Environment Management, a ground survey was commissioned, said the zoo. The prosecutor under investigation for illegal waste disposal and unauthorized operating a plant. The long-standing and controversial zoo boss Blaszkiewitz had to give up his post because his contract was not renewed.
Blaszkiewitz successor Andreas Knieriem occurred on April 1, to the service. He is also a zoological and commercial director of Zoo and Wildlife Park .

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