Wednesday, July 2, 2014

25 Rheas (or ostriches) and a Chimpanzee Die In Wild Dog Attack

Mendoza Zoo: a pack killed 25 rheas and a monkey died infarcted

25 ostriches died attacked by a pack of stray dogs; while a chimpanzee died of a heart attack, authorities confirmed Mendoza Zoo Tuesday 1 July. Is that in the morning a pack of ten to twelve dogs attacked the premises of rheas and killed 25 of the 57 helpless animals inhabiting the area, said Los Andes . By yelling and stress, Charly died a chimpanzee 39 years.

Gustavo Pronotto, director of the Zoo, regretted the situation and said: "We are very concerned here. What we experienced was terrible, a real slaughter, one is a bad day for all of us here. " Is that on the death of rheas adds the chimp, 39, of natural causes.

Through a statement, the zoo reported that address a pack of stray dogs did "give the perimeter fence of the enclosure where the birds live." Of the 57 ostriches that were on site, were killed and 25 others injured.

"We are working to calm the animals were very scared after the attack and healing to those who are hurting. The dogs were ensañados, have attacked them directly to the neck and chest, "said Pronotto.

Fearing the animals, fattened by blood, again, the Zoo appealed to the rural police to guard the perimeter during the night.

It will ask for permission to the Heritage Office to install a strong perimeter fence around the stones, which do not damage the historic well, but to provide protection to the zoo animals, "he said.

Charly was born in France in 1975 and two years later came to Mendoza. Chimpanzees in captivity live between 35 and 45.

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