Saturday, December 28, 2013

Collections Change

Collections change

Collections change. I know they do and I am sure you do too. Many years back I recollect doing a bit of research on Fuengirola Zoo as we intended to send some animals there. All I got back were horror stories and as a result we changed our plans. A few years later there was a complete turnaround and Fuengirola was declared by many to be amongst the best zoos in Europe. I have no idea of the current situation because it as easy to go from good to bad as it is from bad to good.

Changes in a zoos status or mode of practice can be brought about by money, change of ownership, change of management or new zoo keepers. Those who remain in a collection will see these changes happen. Those who just visit will only see the changes if they make a return visit.

What I am leading up to is that I know that some people take offence, lesser or greater, by some of the reports of zoos I have written in my HubPage articles.

I apologise for any offence that I cause but what is written is as I saw it at the time. I am honest. I will never lie just to keep my hosts or management happy. Those who know me know this is true. It has lost me a few friends along the way but if you can't be honest to yourself then who can you be truthful to?

All I would say is that if and when I re-visit a collection again I will review the articles again and if necessary re-write them but remember I will be honest to a fault.

Wishing everyone all the best for 2014

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